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VOSEF Magazine invites Putri Agustina, IVH Founder

Hello everyone!
The newest edition of VOSEF Magazine has already been launched. Enjoy your holiday or your leisure time by reading our newest edition of VOSEF Magazine. We talked about volunteerism and its benefits for our social life.
Read the story of Putri Agustina, a young woman activist who engages with global youth programs through volunteerism and leadership. Be inspired with the theme of Be a young go-getter.
Main topics :
– Sharing and Caring by Volunteering (Interview with Putri Agustina, Founder of Indonesia Volunteering Hub)

End of this year, 3 awesome tournaments!

Good afternoon fellas. Last weeks, we sent delegations for 3 tournaments, They are trio Hadi-Nadya-Azhar +  who join Porsimaptar II, Firda and Mr Uya (our outstanding alumni) who join Founders Trophy as debate team and also Ana as Adju,  and Yogi + Mr Uya who join Ganesha Open ITB.

Briefly, Porsimaptar is a competition on debate and other field in english which is held in Police Academy in Semarang for Central Java and Jogja Level. Founders Trophy is known as the hardest competition of debate which is conducted in UI as open national level tournament. Meanwhile Ganesha Open is an open debate tournament held by ITB.

The 2015 Cultural Day Festival is coming!

Hi SEFers, have you known about our another big occasion this year? it’s Cultural Day Festival, a cross cultural exhibition with various competition inside. It would be a great cultural occasion with 20 countries exhibitor showing their culture, foods, language, and many tradition. This year is the second time Student English Forum conduct this occasion in November 7-8 2015 at Auditorium Graha Widyatama Universitas Jenderal Soedirman. 

D-Corner : What would “Education” see?

Hi Guys, here is several ideas about education ….

Major Function of Education is competing and interacting for future life.

The major function of education is not about the how students get high scores at the final test and it makes student score oriented and doing anything to do to get high score, e.g. cheating, etc. The main function of education is how school teach you to compete and interact for future life, not forcing students to get high score and makes score as its parameter.

D-Corner : Death Penalty, Should we?

Hollaa guys, as we know we just facing the death penalty tragedy that happen to “Bali Nine Case“. Now were going to discuss about death penalty justified for government to do so.
I Agree with Death Penalty.
According to Constitution A person subject to death penalty because she/he Terrorism, Murder/Massacre, And Psychotropic we also can see in the constitution that “Every People have Right to Live and Lives expediently”. And we can explain that all the causal factor is justified.

Debate Festival : The Battle Begins!

Hi SEFers. Debate Festival 2015 which consist of the 7th JSDC and 16th IFDC is officially over. This year tournament is participated by total 49 teams. All JSDC fellas are shocked by new competitors from Malang and Semarang who keep dominating in preliminary round with their team finished in almost all 10 best team of JSDC. But, debater from Purwokerto prove themselves that they can’t be underestimated. Filling the middle rank of breaking teams, AIPED (SMA IT Al Irsyad Pwt) and SMA N Ajibarang could  proceed to Grandfinal round after facing great combat and full of split decisions in elimination round. 

D-Corner : Types of Rebuttals

Hello guys, we’re going to discuss Five types of Rebuttals. May be several of you just know the basic types of rebuttal, thus, we’re going to get down the cases of Rebuttals, and here we go!
So, There are five types of rebuttals,
(1) Antithesis rebuttals / (A)=(-A), this is the most common type that usually debater use. This type is simply negate the opposite argument,e.g.,when your opposite say forcing isn’t something good, then you have to say forcing is something good. ;

House of SEF : Under Maintenance

Hi SEFers, Summer holiday in UNSOED has come to its end, of course, tomorrow we will have to meet academic activities. It is very interesting to know every new things in tomorrow, such as : new shoes, new classmate, new boarding house, new challenge, etc. But at best, our HOS, it has new things, because House of SEF is under renovations. 

SEF Holiday with Foreign Students

it’s a collaborating programs between Student English Forum and AIESEC Unsoed. This year, there are two Chinese student named Tink and Lizzy come to Purwokerto to do some social activity and learn something. The event runs for a month since 22 July 2015 which exactly the same holiday as our campus, so this is holiday for SEFer with foreigner. What are we doing? check these out.

D-30 Debate Festival, Keep Preparing until “The Battle Begins”

Today is the exact D-30 before Student English Forum conduct our biggest annual Big Occasion of Debate Festival, both JSDC and IFDC altogether at 11-15 September 2015. Meanwhile other student are mostly passing their holiday at home, joining some competition celebrating Independence day, We’ve been here preparing for the best tournament ever in this year. This year’s theme “The Battle Begins” makes ourselves trained like a soldier who will face a great war.